Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Torry Harris Launches Integration Governance & Empowerment Framework for Large Enterprises

Torry Harris Integration Solutions (THIS), a recognized leader in integration strategy and implementation, has launched its  integration governance and empowerment framework  , to enable coherent integration for large companies. This advanced framework for use in large corporations ensures that all elements are interconnected, streamlined, organized, and provide consistent guidelines and incentives as required by business unit executives and heads.

Integration governance typically takes into account all aspects of corporate management, from the tasks of the decision-making bodies to the structure of the integration team and the operating model to implementation in B2B and B2C scenarios and the daily implementation tasks of employees.

The white paper of Torry Harris , entitled “Why governance is the key to ROI in digital transformation”  (Why is the corporate management is the key to ROI in the digital transformation) addresses five key success factors for the digital transformation, in which good corporate governance is a fundamental Failures and success stories are highlighted and recommendations are given on how customers can achieve their transformation goals.

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Shuba Sridhar , VP – Strategic Initiatives at Torry Harris , explains: “There is no predefined governance structure that inherently provides business benefits. At Torry Harris we analyze how customers can measure performance and what skills and limitations they have. Then we put together a realistic, functional team with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. ”

“The job of integration and API governance is to balance competing goals for the benefit of all stakeholder interests. Management has to align the interests of all stakeholders as closely as possible with the goals of the company’s integration-driven digital programs, “she adds.

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