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Creating a Safe Haven: TAAP helps Haven Holidays’ customers safely enjoy their post lockdown breaks

Software company TAAP worked with Haven Holidays to develop a new park operations platform and guest app to manage the safe return of guests

  • 37-holiday parks across the country are successfully using the system to help thousands of customers enjoy well-earned holidays after the lockdown
  • The system was developed and launched within just 10 days from the TAAP team’s initial meeting with Haven

UK Software company TAAP has helped Haven Holidays, part of the Bourne Leisure Group which also operates Butlin’s Resorts and Warner Leisure Hotels, handle the safe return of thousands of holidaymakers to its 37-holiday parks across the country.

Ahead of the Government lifting lockdown restrictions, Haven needed to re-engineer its physical arrivals process and sought a technology solution to support this transition. The Haven IT team, led by Director Neil Hobbs, had to quickly design and implement a new way to ensure guests and employees could comply with social distancing guidelines at check-in. TAAP used its agile application platform to rapidly develop a new park operations platform and arrivals app to meet Haven’s needs. With a hard deadline, the system was delivered within 10 days of the first meeting of TAAP and Haven. Three days after launch, 93% of the guests had engaged with the system.

The new process assigned guests personalized arrival times, remove the need for guests to collect their keys from reception, and managed the flow of arrivals to reduce contact. Furthermore, Haven introduced the “Haven Cleanliness Guarantee” to reassure guests that their accommodation had been deep cleaned before their arrival.

The new check-in process means that Haven customers are now emailed ahead of arrival with a link to sign-in to the TAAP arrivals app. Customers confirm their booking and register their vehicles.  They are then given a date and hour timeslot to arrive at their chosen park, with directions, and can indicate if they are likely to be late.

On arrival, the guests show a digitally generated arrival pass on their phone. The color and letter coding allow the gate security to check the guest’s details without having to interact with them, further reducing the risk of contact. Guests then check-in to their specified caravan and complete a cleanliness survey via the app. This information is visible in real-time for Haven’s operations teams to see who is onsite, if their guests are happy, and follow up with them if needed.

TAAP’s CEO, Steve Higgon, said: “We are delighted to be able to work with Haven Holidays to come up with a solution to meet the challenge of COVID-19. TAAP has considerable expertise in the delivery of apps and solutions that help businesses deliver rapid digital transformation. Our agile application platform means apps can be built and implemented from an initial idea in just a matter of days or weeks.

“Like many companies, Haven needed to quickly find new ways to get their business up and running while keeping customers and staff safe.  As well as the speed of delivery, they needed to be confident that their customers can easily engage with the technology.  We are pleased that the launch of the new check-in process has been so smooth, and there has been so much positive feedback from Haven customers. Everyone can be confident that staycations with Haven are safe and stress-free”.

Neil Hobbs, IT Director, Haven Holidays said: “The TAAP team was outstanding as they immediately shared our relentless drive to be ready for the first arrivals day after lockdown. Working closely together, a project that that would typically take two or three months was delivered in ten days, 48 hours before the first guests were due to arrive.  The business had to grapple with creating a safe way for our guests to check-in, and our teams at the parks to work. We had to get to grips with a rapidly evolving situation in terms of the government advice and the needs of the business as customers started to book.

“Cooperating with the TAAP team, our progress was so good we were able to incorporate more functionality than initially scoped to help streamline park operations. We were able to check by park the customers that hadn’t registered or confirmed the process of their arrival, verification of their booking details, and accommodation. We have had an operational benefit from real-time dashboards that have been built that gives us better insights to make more informed decisions for the benefit of our guests.”

The system developed for Haven is one example of how TAAP is helping companies big and small get up and running post lockdown. TAAP is a digital transformation platform that is being used on a global basis and within many different sectors, including Retail, Oil and Gas, Healthcare, and Finance.

TAAP is also rolling out the TAAP Visitor Book app built on its own platform. Originally launched to help create contactless digital receptions for offices, interest in the app has spiked as businesses, including pubs and restaurants, look for innovative solutions to help them manage the post lockdown rules.

By digitally logging customers and visitors coming and going, the TAAP Visitor Book app provides companies with a simple, low-cost, scalable solution to help them comply with government guidelines and support Track & Trace’s efforts.  The app is GDPR compliant. Customers can be confident their data is secure and meets privacy guidelines. As well as logging people in, businesses can also digitally provide conditions of entry such as health & safety policies or a checklist of COVID-19 symptoms.

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