Thursday, June 20, 2024

Highlands Residential Mortgage, Ltd. Brings The Adwerx Automation Platform To Entire Network of Loan Officers

The program ensures that loan officers receive a comprehensive digital advertising campaign to build their personal brand, delivering enhanced visibility and a competitive advantage.

Highlands Residential Mortgage, Ltd. has a vision to be the world’s most respected mortgage brand. To accomplish this, they’ve created a culture that supports their team members as they work to deliver unmatched service and products to their customers and industry partners. Now, the company is upping its commitment to fulfilling this vision with their launch of the Adwerx Enterprise Automation Platform.

Based in Dallas, TX, Highlands Residential Mortgage, Ltd has many seasoned loan officers located in 16 different states. With the Adwerx Platform, every one of those loan officers now has digital retargeting campaigns that launch automatically across social media platforms and premium websites visited by potential clients. These intelligent campaigns ensure the loan officers are continuously in front of site visitors who have shown interest in their business by extending their reach and creating the opportunity to recapture the interest of prospects.

In addition to automated retargeting provided by Highlands Residential Mortgage, loan officers also receive access to a pre-made inventory of personalized digital and streaming TV ads through a branded, self-service portal that they can run individually, complementing their automated campaigns.

“We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the latest technology, and it is essential that our loan officers use digital advertising to stay in front of their prospects, especially in today’s competitive market” said Josh Herbert, EVP/Chief Information Officer at Highlands Residential Mortgage. “The Adwerx Platform delivers comprehensive digital advertising strategies that are easy to create and deploy, and frees up valuable time to better serve our clients.”

Since its launch in 2017, the Adwerx Enterprise Automation Platform has seen rapid adoption among the nation’s most innovative real estate brokerages and mortgage lenders. Firms who provide Adwerx’s platform experience up to 42% lower turnover. To learn more visit

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