Thursday, June 20, 2024

OutMatch Announces Opening of Two Global Data Centers

New data centers drive the company’s global footprint and expand digital hiring capabilities

OutMatch, a leading SaaS-based talent intelligence platform, today announced the opening of two new global data centers in Europe and the Asia Pacific region. The two new centers mark OutMatch’s continued global expansion, and with OutMatch’s existing data centers in the U.S., enable the company to reach a larger audience looking to employ digital hiring solutions in a simple, safe, and seamless manner.

“The continuing global emphasis on privacy and data security has clients more focused than ever on vendors with localized operations,” says Chris Gardner, Chief Technology Officer at OutMatch. “OutMatch’s new data centers further demonstrate our dedication to bringing data closer to our clients and providing the peace of mind needed during this critical inflection point.”

OutMatch’s global data centers simplify and streamline privacy processes, as well as enable companies to further comply with local data security regulations. Access to multiple data centers also enables companies to ensure that data security is part of their crisis planning and disaster recovery strategies.

“We’re excited about OutMatch’s investment in these data centers,” says Frank Scheelen, chairman of Scheelen AG, an HR talent and development consultancy with over 30 years of experience and 1,200 partners across the European Union. “The OutMatch investment illustrates their commitment to our partnership, but more importantly their commitment to the data security of our clients, prospects, and candidates.”

OutMatch’s Talent Intelligence Platform enables businesses to optimize both candidate selection and post-hire development by providing an end-to-end solution that integrates the entire talent analytics workflow, including assessments, video interviewing, and culture analytics. With over 100 million assessments completed, OutMatch generates unparalleled data-driven insights, enabling many of the world’s largest companies, including major hospitality brands, airlines, banking institutions, and professional services firms, to maximize the lifetime value of their employee-base.

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